Biolase Dental Lasers

Biolase Dental Lasers

Dental Axess is an approved distributor of Biolase Dental Lasers systems in Australia and New Zealand.

BIOLASE is revolutionizing surgery in dentistry and medicine with WaterLase technology. BIOLASE specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of lasers and related products to provide biological treatments that eliminate pain and are safer for patients. BIOLASE leads the global dental industry with our flagship, best-selling laser systems such as the WaterLase iPlus™ and WaterLase MDX™, which both feature novel, patented laser technologies designed by BIOLASE’s R&D and clinical teams to perform dental and medical surgery, while dramatically reducing pain and improving clinical results.

WaterLase® iPlus – All-Tissue Laser

WaterLase iPlus laserThe #1 Laser System for Expanding Clinical Capabilities and Growing Your Dental Practice.

WaterLase iPlus all-tissue laser technology represents the ultimate in patient comfort and clinical excellence for modern dental practices. For more than 15 years, WaterLase technology has elevated the standard of care in dentistry with cutting-edge Er,Cr:YSGG laser technology.

The new WaterLase iPlus, our most innovative laser ever, greatly expands the clinical capabilities of general dentists and specialists, and delivers an unparalleled clinical experience for dental professionals and their patients. More efficient dental appointments, greater comfort for the patient, and expansive opportunities to expand the dentistry available in your practice are just a few of the benefits offered by WaterLase.

EPIC® Diode Lasers

EPIC Diode LasersAward-Winning Diode Laser Technology for Dentists.

The EPIC Total Diode Solution represents the latest laser innovation from BIOLASE. In addition to being a standard soft tissue diode laser, the EPIC also enables General Dentists to offer Laser-Assisted Teeth Whitening and exclusive Pain Therapy treatment modes. With dazzling design, simplified user controls, and enhanced ComfortPulse™ settings to deliver greater patient comfort, EPIC sets the standard in dental diode laser technology.

iLase® Diode Lasers

iLase Diode LasersThat World’s First Personal Laser that is Powerful, Affordable, and Beyond Portable.

With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the iLase™ takes dental lasers beyond portable. The next instrument for your tray. The iLase is the laser for every dentist, every day. Available in various kit configurations for General Dentists and Specialists, find the right iLase package for your practice.

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