Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner

The Medit i500 intraoral scanner can be easily integrated into your workflow. The high speed and the powder-free system of the i500 result in an effortless scan experience, shorter treatment times and increased productivity in your practice. It’s intraoral camera can be used in a variety of ways and, regardless of your area of expertise, ensures that your professional requirements are met. In addition, it’s open CAD / CAM system enables flexible work.

Product features

Small tip

The Medit i500 intraoral scanner has a small scanning tip that simplifies handling and improves patient comfort.

Simple handling

The scanning process can be started and stopped by a click of a button. The next scanning phase can also be initiated by a single click.

High resolution

The i500 and the associated software deliver realistic high resolution images. Teeth and soft tissue can easily be distinguished.


Two integrated high-speed cameras ensure a very fast and efficient scanning process. By means of an algorithm, the scanner can recognize where you last stopped, which results in a very smooth scanning experience.

Video technology

Through the video-based scanning technology choppy results can be avoided.

High precision


Flexible way of scanning

The open system allows an easy transfer of STL files, enabling optimal collaboration for a complete CAD/CAM workflow.

Simple combination of hardware and software

Intelligent matching of scan abutment and scan body

With this feature you can match scan abutments and scan bodies to each other. After the tooth is scanned, the scan abutment and scan body are automatically aligned with the scan data. There is also a manual alignment option available.

Automatic creation of margin lines

iscan has a feature that allows you to create margin lines automatically but also manually. During scanning, you can add or edit individual control points to the scan data to draw the most accurate margin line possible.

Pre-operation scan

This function allows you to collect scan data of the pre-operational state. This data enables a faster and easier post-operational scan. The feature also improves the treatment of your patients by allowing you to use the scan data for treatment planning, which in turn can assist in the fabrication of natural dentures.

Impression scan

This feature allows the scanning of composite. The scan data can be arranged, connected and used for modeling.

High Resolution Scan

There is the possibility to scan certain areas of the tooth in high resolution mode and only where it is necessary. This way the scanner can be used very efficiently.

High definition camera

In addition to scanning the intraoral camera can also be used to create high resolution images. These images can help in the consultation with your patient and increase the acceptance of the treatment.

Occlusion analysis

This feature enables occlusal analysis. The result will be displayed by colours and numbers, so the degree of occlusion is shown in different colours.

Scan replay

By using this function it is possible to replay and track the scan. This gives you the opportunity to control and improve your scanning method.

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