Introduction to 3Shape Dental Desktop

Dental Deskop is 3Shape’s new platform for all 3Shape software products. 3Shape Dental Desktop gives you the option to view and control all your cases from multiple PCs in your lab or clinic. What’s more, Dental Desktop has a newly designed user interface which maintains an easy step by step workflow.

In addition, Dental Desktop makes it possible to have multiple 3Shape Software applications (TRIOS, TRIOS Design Studio, TRIOS Implant Studio, Dental System, Ortho System) on the same platform so you can have the same user interface accross all 3Shape products.

3Shape Software Applications

TRIOS Design Studio

The 3Shape Design Studio is an integrated same-day solution tailored for a dental clinic. With a TRIOS intra-oral scanner, you can choose in-house or send-to-lab workflows using one integrated software solution. TRIOS Design Studio allows dental professionals to mill and design crowns, inlay/onlays, screw retained crowns, 3 unit bridges and veneers in the clinic using a straightforward and integrated workflow.

TRIOS Implant Studio

The TRIOS Implant Studio has all the features of the Implant Planner, which allows you to plan prosthetic driven implant procedures, plus the ability to design temporary screw-retained crowns for same-day implant dentistry. It also allows you to create custom tooth or bone supported surgical guides in a single and smooth workflow. Both can be sent to an external party or directly 3D printed for in-house production.

TRIOS Ortho System

The TRIOS Ortho System combines intuitive analysis and treatment planning,  accurate 3D scanning, efficient patient management, appliance design and communication tools. All of these provide streamlined workflows that increase productivity and efficiency. Some of the TRIOS Ortho System features are: Link between Orthodontic Clinics and Labs, Ortho Analyzer, Appliance Designer and Open Formats.

TRIOS Dental System

TRIOS Dental System is a solution that allows you to focus on creativity and craftsmanship while the software takes care of the rest. This dental CAD/CAM software enhances productivity and gives you free access to an open system of libraries, design services, third-party intraoral scanners, 3D printers and mills.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

TRIOS Patient Monitoring software semi-automatically allows you to compare previous scans to accurately and scientifically measure changes from your patient’s previous visits. For example, it allows dental professionals to detect bruxism, gingival retraction, tooth movement and more with an accuracy that is not possible to attain by just looking into the mouth.

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

The TRIOS Treatment Simulator is a treatment simulation software that simulates realistic orthodontic corrections on-screen in seconds, side by side with their current dentition. This can be used to help facilitate patient engagement to increase treatment acceptance rates. You can also adjust individual teeth to create the perfect smile.

Latest New Features

1 – Engage and interact with your patients by sharing TRIOS scans

Get the 3Shape Communicate app on your cellphone and website browser via App Store and Google Play. This feature allows you to share 3D models with your patients by simply typing the patient’s email. All the required information on how to access will then be shared immediately.

2 – Integrated HD Intraoral Camera (2D video and still)

With the intra-oral camera you can now take a HD Photo or Video which can be used to easily communicate the treatment plan to the patient like tooth discoloration, plaque stagnation areas, fillings that need to be changed and other issues.

3 – Use the TRIOS wand to navigate between scan pages

The TRIOS Wand allows you to scan easier and faster since you do not have to place the scanner back and forth or use the mouse and touchscreen – navigate across scan pages with quick TRIOS wand gestures.

This feature will be available not only for TRIOS 3 Wireless but for all TRIOS models that will be upgraded to the Dental Desktop.

4 – Store your data safely with easy backups

Now case database backup is only one click away – you can save your cases either on local drives, external or Cloud storage.

5 – Work on multiple PCs (Client-Server like practice management)

Client-Server features allows you to work on multiple PCs while sharing the same case database. Simply move your TRIOS Wireless wand from room to room and enjoy the freedom of wireless – no plug, just play.