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Perfect digital workflows the Dental Axess way.

At Dental Axess we are specialists in digital dentistry and from experience we know what it takes to bring it all together. By mapping out your today, challenges, needs and ambitions, we can make digitalization happen for you the easy way.

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Digitalization is not the issue - Making it work is

Digitalization is a huge step for most. In Dental Axess, you have the one partner that supports you on all levels and who is with you for the long run.Specialist digital consultants

Our specialist digital consultants will look into how you and your team work today, your plans for the transfer but also how you see your business developing. Based on this information, they help you make the right decisions, guiding you over time.

Onsite installation and training

On delivery, we install your new equipment and seamlessly integrate it into your workflow. Understanding how to use hardware and software, and using it, results in the best possible return on investment. That is why we provide you and your staff with the right training to make sure you are up and running from day one. To include new employees or to delve deeper into specific features, we also offer training at an hourly rate.

Around the clock technical support

However, technology is not infallible. We provide automatic updates to minimize the risk of running into trouble. Our around-the-clock technical support is there to quickly solve any issues. As the support team is in-house, they have access to our knowledge base and know exactly what kind of solutions you have. What cannot be dealt with over the phone, our service technicians will solve by visiting you.

Continuous education programs

To further your knowledge and development, we provide continuous training connected to your particular solution. As we know how important it is for you to stay up to date to provide the best possible care to your patients, Dental Axess Academy also offers seminars and courses. Here, experienced specialists mix theory with practical hands-on sessions. We keep the groups small so our trainers can make sure you feel confident and ready to implement the digital solutions into your offering straight away.

We know what it takes to make it work. We call it Dental Axess Total Care.

Why go digital?

As you most likely are aware of, digitalization has a positive impact on productivity. It cuts out steps of a traditional workflow and speeds up procedures, which allows you to see more patients and save money from day one. It also enhances the whole patient experience. Less invasive, more comfortable, it increases your possibilities to communicate with patients which boosts treatment acceptance.

Our solutions

Did you know that you can save up to 60% on Clear Aligners by manufacturing these in-house with a 3D printer instead of outsourcing? Or that you can offer same-day implant dentistry with a digital workflow? Do you want to find out more about how to offer an outstanding patient experience and improve patient acceptance? With our digital solutions you can improve your efficiency and expand your offering from day one. Browse our solutions and book a consulation with us today.

"Dental Axess has a very good understanding of the digital market trends, products and solutions. We have been able to access this knowledge to help us expand and grow. We are now providing products and services that we had not even dreamed of at the start of our digital journey."

- Ian Mercer, Western Crown & Bridge, New Zealand