Digital dentures

Manufacturing dentures is a time-consuming and difficult process. It requires a number of patient visits and try-ins until a good fit and a high esthetic outcome is achieved. By utilising a digital workflow it is now possible to produce dentures much faster with fewer clinical and laboratory steps as well as a more precise result.

Digital workflow for dentures

By scanning the patient with an intraoral scanner you can design and manufacture try-ins that the patient leaves with after a first consultation. The result is more accurate and can easily be adjusted until the fit is right. The final digital denture can be milled either in-house or in a lab with a high esthetic outcome.

Benefits for both dentists and patients

The main benefits for dentists are time savings due to fewer clinical and laboratory steps in fabrication. Adjustments can be made at any stage, and a record of each step can be reproduced and viewed if required. The lean process is more precise and time effective, and also environmentally friendly.

Patients love the smooth process and the fact that they can take home precise try-ins the same day.


Digital workflows can be implemented for both immediate dentures and RPDs as well as to reproduce old dentures. There are many different options:

  • Injection molding
  • Pre-manufactured teeth and milled base
  • Milled monoblock and hand-veneering
  • Milled base and teeth
  • 3D printed base and teeth
  • 3D printed base and milled teeth

Watch this video and learn how to design digital dentures with 3Shape’s Dental System and book a consultation with us to find out how you can get started.


Courses and seminars

Curious about manufacturing dentures with a digital workflow? Join one of our hands-on courses or evening seminars. Our experienced trainers teach the concepts and techniques for digital dentures and present the step-by-step treatment workflow.

Check out the Dental Axess Academy for our latest course dates.

"Going digital has truly revolutionized the way we treat our denture patients at Duchenne Dental. Dental Axess has done so much for me in helping me achieve my dream of digital dentures and our patients love it."

- John Batchelor, Duchenne Dental, New Zealand