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Intraoral Scanners

It all starts with a digital impression. For dental professionals intraoral scanners simplify and speed up the workflow, provide more accurate data and open up a world of opportunities for designing and manufacturing dental appliances inhouse.

For patients intraoral scanners offer a quick and comfortable scanning experience, reduced chair-time and overall better treatment results. Together with easy-to-use patient apps you can even simulate the treatment and visualize the results for increased patient acceptance and improved overall experience.

Dental 3D Printers

3D Printing technology has revolutionised the dental industry by providing dental professionals with the means to custom print large variety of indications in new and biocompatible materials. Thanks to high print accuracy and efficient inhouse workflows you can offer patients same day treatments and improved fit rates. The right 3D printer will help you grow your business and increase patient satisfaction whether you are placing implants, manufacturing orthodontic appliances or simply use it for crown and bridge models and temporary restorations.

Milling Machines

Whether you are after a solution for dry milling of zirconia materials or wet milling of high-esthetic glass ceramics and composites, a milling machine will help you produce stunning restorations as part of a digital workflow.

Produce everything from single unit restorations to full arch implants or tooth borne digital dentures with high accuracy and quality. Today’s technology allows you to streamline your processes but also expand your business and offer new products and services to your clients. Unsure which mill to choose? We will help you make the right decision.

CAD/CAM Software

Sophisticated CAD/CAM softwares are crucial to establish a partial or fully digital workflow. By digitally designing and planning a case you achieve the best possible accuracy and treatment outcome, while open STL files allow you full flexibility to work with the partners of your choice.

With dedicated modules for all indications including implant dentistry, orthodontics and laboratory you can customize your workflows and use sophisticated patient communication apps to increase patient treatment acceptance and grow your business.

Xflow Cloud

Xflow the new cloud solution by Dental Axess for 2D and 3D data is newly available at Dental Axess. Are you spending too much time organizing 2D and 3D data? Xflow provides direct integration of intraoral scanners so your scan and patient data will be stored and easily accessed whenever needed. Preview scans and patient data and even share access to your case files instantly with your chosen partners. Never worry about corrupted or damaged storage hardware again with Xflow’s cloud-based network. The secure and regulation-compliant cloud-based network allows you virtually unlimited file storage and a simple subscription based on what you use keeps cost predictable.

Xplan Design Service

Xplan, the design service from Dental Axess, gives you full flexibility and allows you to outsource time-consuming design steps whilst keeping control over costs and treatment quality at all times. As for manufacturing, you can choose to do this in-house or outsource to third-party manufacturers as required.

LAC – Laser Aligner Cutter

The LAC – Laser Aligner Cutter enables automatic cutting of clear aligners with a laser. The LAC makes it possible for the first time to produce clear aligners that do not require any additional post-processing after cutting.

  • Fully automatic cutting of thermoformed clear aligners
  • Cut out in less than one minute
  • Excellent cutting and edge quality
  • No post-processing such as polishing necessary
  • Works with any model
  • Engraving Function
  • Compatible with all major thermoforming systems
  • Digital interfaces to the world’s best suppliers

Lab Scanners

Digitalization in dental labs is key when it comes to time and efficiency. Lab scanners are often the first step into the digital journey. Lab scanners help dental labs to work faster and therefore to increase productivity and profitability. On the basis of a dental model or an impression labs can produce their own high-quality 3D digital models. Features like scan speed, accuracy, capacity, automated processes can differ from scanner to scanner and thus making it hard to decide on the right lab scanner. Dental Axess offers a variety of lab scanners depending on individual needs. We make sure to find the right solution for you!

X-ray units

X-rays are still one of the most important instruments when it comes to dental diagnostics. Dental Axess offers various digital 2D and 3D X-ray devices for your dental practice. One of the advantages of digital X-rays compared to analogue X-rays is the significantly reduced radiation dose. You also benefit from greater flexibility, as the images are available immediately and can also be viewed directly in the desired treatment room.

With 3D X-rays or CBCT-scans an accurate high resolution image of teeth and jaw can be created. CBCT scanning allows dentists to three dimensionally map the tooth and surrounding bone which enables a much better diagnosis and hence more precision in treatment. 3D x-rays can directly be shown to patients which leads to a higher treatment acceptance and in the long run to a more satisfied customer. A CBCT scanner makes x-rays possible in about 10 seconds and therefore leaves more time for other relevant issues.

Dental furnaces

Firing, staining, glazing, pressing and sintering are critical processes that must be controlled to ensure strong and aesthetic restorations. DEKEMA furnaces are the “Rolls Royce” with exceptional build quality, advanced temperature sensing and thermodynamic algorithms to ensure accurate control of the heating cycle and produce outstanding restorations.

Materials and dental components

As leading specialists in digital dentistry, Dental Axess provides a large range of components to complete your digital workflow. We have everything you need for your digital workflow: from scanner accessories to material for 3D printing and milling as well as components for prosthetic restorations for all major implant brands. Please find a selection of the brands we offer below:

3D printing resin and accessories: Asiga, Formlabs, Keystone KeyPrint, Rapidshape, Saremco, Structo

Milling materials, tools and accessories: Dental Axess, Eisenbacher Dentalwaren, Harvest Dental, HASS, imes-icore, Nacera, Keystone KeyMill, Roland and Upcera to mention just a few.

Implant components: Elos Medtech, Steco

Scanner Accessories: 3Shape, Medit

"3D has inundated our business at a much higher speed than I expected. To help us grow, Dental Axess has been phenomenal in showing us new initiatives, different printers, milling machines and systems at competitive prices."

- Charlie Sara, Macono Orthodontic Laboratories, Australia
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