Materials and dental components

As leading specialists in digital dentistry, Dental Axess provides a large range of components to complete your digital workflow. We have everything you need for your digital workflow: from scanner accessories to material for 3D printing and milling on to components for prosthetic restorations for all major implant brands. Please find a a selection of brands we provide below.

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HASS Amber Mill

Amber Mill is a machinable CAD/CAM glass ceramic block made of lithium disilicate. The reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified processing are of great advantage for patients and clinics. By using different firing temperatures it is possible to obtain different translucencies from the same block. You decide which shade you want to use, then choose the proper translucency heat-treatment for it.

TITAIN Swiss CAD/CAM Titanium Retainer

TITAIN Swiss is the new CAD/CAM titanium precision retainer on the market produced by LAKELAB ORTHO and Dr. Alexander Dudic in Switzerland. TITAIN has unique properties. It is laser-cut from hypoallergenic titanium metal, shows best biocompatibility, is nickel-free and therefore offers your patients optimal wearing comfort.


GT Flex is a thermoplastic material specially developed for the production of transparent alignment devices and holder devices. The main features of GT Flex are its transparency, flexibility and strength. These properties enable the fabrication of transparent aligners and retainer devices that can be worn inconspicuously in the mouth.

Keystone KeyPrint 3D Resins

KeyPrint is the innovative 3D printing material from Keystone Industries. KeyPrint 3D printing resins are specifically produced for the dental market. The resins can be used for a wide range of applications such as occlusal splints, investment molds, surgical guides or modelling. With these materials you will not only benefit from improved quality but also from efficiency and profitability.

The following materials from Keystone are available at Dental Axess:

  • KeyModel Resin
  • KeyOrtho IBT
  • KeyOrthoModel Resin
  • KeyCast Resin
  • KeyMask
  • KeyGuide
  • KeySplint-Soft
  • KeySplint – Hard
  • KeyTray

saremco print CROWNTEC and DENTURETEC

saremco print CROWNTEC and DENTURETEC are innovative and first-class products for the manufacturing of restorations and prosthesis. CROWNTEC is ideal for the manufacturing of highly biocompatible permanent restorations such as permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers or artificial teeth. This composite resin can be used with the Asiga 3D printers. DENTURETEC is a Game Changer and a high quality durable composite resin for the manufacturing of highly biocompatible denture and partial bases.

Upcera Explore Zirconia

Upcera Explore Zirconia offers an aesthetic and cost effective solution. The Upcera EXPLORE 4D is a multilayer full contour zirconia that can be used for all cases. This zirconia meets four important criteria:

  • Shade Gradient
  • Translucency Gradient
  • Strength Gradient
  • Toughness Gradient

This new generation is available in 2 variations: Esthetic and Function.

ELOS Medtech Implant Components

Dental Axess offers various ELOS implant components (ELOS Accurate) such as Scan Abutments, Model Analogs, Prosthetic Screws and Hybrid Bases compatible with all major implant systems.

Steco drill sleeves

Steco offers various drill sleeves made of titanium with which surgical drill guides can be fabricated. The exact and precise implementation of the planning in the patient’s mouth can thus be guaranteed and a significantly better aesthetic result can be achieved. The planning can be done with the most popular implant planning programs like 3Shape Implant Studio, Exoplan, Sicat and many others.