Elos Accurate

Today a lot of people are working with different implant systems giving a lot of flexibility but also creates a lot of challenges due to different workflows, softwares, different prosthetic components or different materials. Elos Medtech Accurate offers a solution in digital dentistry reducing complexity and simplyfying open workflows for dental professionals. From customized abutments, blanks, milled bridges, scan bodies for intraoral or desktop usage, model analogs to hybrid bases (engaging or non-engaging) – you can find all these in the Dental Axess webshop. These solutions ensure an accurate and secure workflow for individualized restorative solutions of dental implants.

Product features

Safe and efficient

  • Certified for your safety
  • High quality

Simple and flexible

  • Broad range of implant platforms
  • One screwdriver for all scan bodies (all platforms)
  • Wide range of options in one library

Open Solution

  • Reduced complexity
  • Free libraries compatible with 3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings

How Elos Accurate simplifies a complex environment

All Elos Medtech implant components are compatible with all major dental implant systems.

  • Upload the free Elos Accurate Library to any of the major CAD software
  • The CAD design becomes an STL file
  • Flexible to open it in any of the major open CAM software
  • No investment in different dental components and equipment

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