Keystone KeyPrint 3D Resin

Keystone KeyPrint 3D resins are compatible with DLP 3D printers (wavelength from 385-405 nm). Furthermore, to ensure that KeyPrint resins work reliably in various open source printers, the company is constantly analyzing various 3D printers. Please find below some further information on the KeySplint Soft resin.

KeySplint Soft Resin

KeySplint Soft resin can be used for the fabrication of flexible splints and nightguards. This DLP-optimized resin offers a truly exceptional printing material. It combines the strength needed to protect teeth against disorders like bruxism, with added flexibility for a better patient comfort.

KeySplint Soft is fully biocompatible and meets international medical device regulations and standards. Its composition promises at least three years of guaranteed endurance, is color stable and is also compatible with multiple open-source printers. The quality and performance of this dental splint resin is exceptional.

KeySplint Soft product features

  • Biocompatible material for flexible dental services
  • Unique formulation that guarantees both flexibility and strength
  • The print is transparent, polishable and stain resistant
  • Indicated for the fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as bite planes, mouthguards, nightguards, snoring appliances, splints and indirect bonding trays
  • Vailidated for multiple open-source printers




Easy to Polish

Easily Cleaned

KeySplint Hard Resin

The innovative KeySplint Hard is the newest addition in the KeySplint family. It offers similar properties as KeySplint Soft but with the added strength of a hard resin. It is mainly used for the treatment of bruxism and cases where tooth immobilization is needed.

KeyOrtho IBT™

KeyOrtho IBT can be used for printing orthodontic transfer trays for positioning brackets. It is a translucent material which allows for exact positioning before and during bracket placement. Due to its high tensile strength brackets can easily be applied in a single step, reducing chair time to minutes. In addition it is a very flexible material and can therefore easily be removed. It works with all general bracket systems. It is also biocompatible, tasteless and odorless which increases patient comfort.

KeyOrtho IBT™

KeyModel Ultra™

KeyModel Ultra is the next generation of dental modeling resin. KeyModel Ultra features unmatched accuracy, detail, and speed. It is formulated for rapid print layers and fast post curing. The resin is designed to reduce peel forces, which increases accuracy of prints.

  • High-speed print formulation
  • Integrated release agent for easy thermoform separation
  • Two colors optimized for sharp detail
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Stability in production workflow
  • Integrated with a wide range of 3D printers

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