TITAIN Swiss precision CAD/CAM Titanium Retainer

TITAIN Swiss is the new CAD/CAM titanium precision retainer on the market produced by LAKELAB ORTHO and Dr. Alexander Dudic in Switzerland. TITAIN has unique properties. It is laser-cut from hypoallergenic titanium metal, shows best biocompatibility, is nickel-free and therefore offers your patients optimal wearing comfort.

The biocompatible solution for lifelong retention

TITAIN – recommended by orthodontists

Compared to stainless steel or nickel TITAIN offers superior material properties, which makes this retainer very popular amongst orthodontists. Latest digital design technology make sure it fits very precisely and accurate even with limited space. Due to silicon transfer key retainer bonding is also very simple and exact. Clinical tests show that there are fewer fractures with TITAIN than with conventional steel or nitinol retainers.

Strength and flexibility

TITAIN is 3.6x stronger than a steel arch and is also twice as flexible as steel.


Various advantages for your patients

Thanks to the ideal fit, TITAIN offers significantly better wearing comfort for the patient. All the retainers are electropolished which ensures smoothest patient experience and a reduction of bacterial colonization.

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