HASS Amber Mill

HASS Amber Mill – the new nano lithium disilicate based glass-ceramic is now available at Dental Axess. It can be processed very easily and impresses, among other things, with its flexibility and stable edges of the milled restorations. The material is available both in block form and as a blank.

Different translucencies with the same block

It is possible to obtain four different translucencies from the same block. Simply select the respective colour shade (A1, A2, A3 and so on), depending on the firing temperature you will then obtain the desired translucency HT, MT, LT or MO. The “freedom of translucency” enhances the efficiency in working process and stock management for CAD/CAM milling blocks. However, this is only possible from high to low translucency, not the other way round.

Product features

Excellent photo-optical properties

The extraordinary opalescence and fluorescence make this material ideal for monolithic restorations.

Higher strength

Mechanical tests on lithium disilicate glass-ceramics show that amber crowns have three to four times higher strength (over 450 MPa) than existing glass-ceramic products.

Excellent machinability

Due to its outstanding machinability, a high edge stability can be achieved. Even wafer-thin restorations can be realised with HASS Amber Mill. The material is compatible with a wide range of veneering ceramics.

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