CAM software

Sophisticated CAD/CAM softwares are crucial to establish a partial or fully digital workflow. By digitally designing and planning a case you achieve the best possible accuracy and treatment outcome, while open STL files allow you full flexibility to work with the partners of your choice.

With dedicated modules for all indications including implant dentistry, orthodontics and laboratory you can customize your workflows and use sophisticated patient communication apps to increase patient treatment acceptance and grow your business.

CIMsystem millbox

CIMsystem millbox is the simplest and most intuitive Dental CAM software on the market for chairside milling and laboratories. Millbox is a CAM software with pre-programmed milling strategies that simplifies nesting and toolpath strategies such as:

  • coping
  • abutments
  • bridges (full contour or implant)
  • inlay/onlay
  • crowns
  • bites
  • bars
  • surgical guides

Millbox uses an easy-to-use interface, which allows the user to upload the CAD file and to start the milling machine in less than 5 minutes. With this high performance software it is possible to achieve the best and cost-efficient results in a few simple steps.

Oqton Software

Oqton offers an AI-driven software solution automating manufacturing operating systems for dental labs. The software allows to prepare and automate all 3D printing jobs. By using Artificial Intelligence Oqton provides automation for the whole end-to-end workflow, for data preparation, optimized support or pins and dense nesting. By streamlining the whole process you will increase your dental lab productivity and at the same time save valuable time and money.

This can be done for crowns, bridges, aligners, models, RPDs or any other dental application. In addition is Oqton seamlessly integrated with Xflow.

"Dental Axess has helped me develop and grow my business overtime with their digital know-how and customized solutions. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dental Axess as the digital world of dentistry continues to expand."

- Dr Justin Ward, Arthur Street Dental, Australia