Xflow Workflow Management Platform

Xflow brings all the steps of manufacturing clear aligners together in-house. The fully flexible cloud-based platform allows you to take control of the entire process or partner up to outsource parts.

Connect your workflow digitally from scanning through to manufacturing, to save up to 60% of the price of outsourcing, while obtaining visibly higher quality. Read on to find out what Xflow can do for you.

Xflow connects your practice to labs and allows you to submit, manage and track orders in real-time on the intuitive digital workflow platform.

  • Direct 3shape and Medit scanner integrations allow you to scan, upload and compliantly store patient treatment information.
  • Share and submit your data with Xplan Clear Aligner Lab and Xflow AI design services instantly.
  • Manage and track all clear aligner orders sent to Xplan Clear Aligner Lab and Xflow AI design services.
  • Reduce time spent on design processes with our AI design options.
  • Communicate securely with your lab through the cloud-based platform.

The fully flexible platform lets you take control of the entire process. Bring production in-house or partner up to outsource certain aspects.

  • Scan, upload and compliantly store your patient treatment information with Direct 3shape and Medit scanner integrations.
  • Track, manage and organize your tasks on one centralized platform so the practice is always kept up to date.
  • Experience a digital process from design to manufacturing and entering shipping information.
  • Direct integrations to services create a completely cloud-based workflow that saves you time and money:
    • Communicate securely with your lab through the cloud-based platform.
    • Instant AI design services
    • Oqton automation services for manufacturing
    • Directly connect to the Laser Aligner Cutter (LAC)

With all the added-benefits included from the In-house Lab plans, Xflow gives your Commercial Lab a fully integrated practice-to-lab workflow management platform which allows you to submit and share data in real-time to your customers:

  • Simple onboarding allows you to expand your business base with ease, reducing custom technology spend on workflow automations and configurations.
  • Digitally received orders allow you to track, manage and organize your manufacturing tasks from design to finished product and shipping information.
  • The centralized platform keeps customers up to date in real-time.

Need custom integrations for your current ecosystem which includes white-labelling and custom integrations? Book a consultation with us now!

Take control of your clear aligner manufacturing

Select the plan below that best fits your needs and benefit from one month no obligation free trial of Xflow!
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View the full breakdown of the subscription comparison table here.

Basic Plan

For practices and labs
interested in outsourcing

Basic feature access

  • Scanner integrations
  • Outbound ordering
    (includes AI orders)
  • Data stored for 30 days*
*Optional additional cloud
storage can be purchased
for $99 USD/m

In-house Lab

Includes $100 USD/m
of ordering credits*
For practices with their
own in-house manufacturing

Full feature access

  • Scanner integrations
  • Outbound ordering
  • Cloud storage
  • Manufacturing integrations
  • CAD integrations
*Unused credits do not rollover

Commercial Lab

Includes $100 USD/m
of ordering credits*
For commercial labs with
customers who require
ordering capabilities

Full feature
access and more

  • All features from In-house Lab plan included
  • Practice invitations
  • Workflow automations & customisations
*Unused credits do not rollover


Contact us
For large scale labs looking
to white label the platform

Full feature
access and more

  • All features from Commercial Lab plan included
  • Branding customisation
  • API customisations
  • Bulk uploads and

Designs Powered by AI

Xflow enables automated designs for your lab whether it be models for 3D printing to trim paths for your Laser Aligner Cutter. We enable you to reduce personnel cost and increase efficiencies through AI powered designs:

  • Automatic bracket removals – $3 USD/per arch
  • Automatic model basing – $1.50 USD/per arch
  • Automatic trim path generation – $1.50 USD/per arch

Please note: these services are an add-on to your subscriptions. If you are a lab customer, you have $100 USD/month to use on any of these services, please speak to us if you have any questions.

Coming soon!

We are currently training our AI services constantly to improve your workflows. Trim path design for pre-based models, splints, automatic blockouts, bleaching trays are coming! If you’re interested in being part of the beta, please contact us now otherwise, watch this space as some exciting things will come soon!

More Information

Want more information? Frequently asked questions can be found here or if you prefer a more personal experience, you can contact us at support@dentalaxess.com, start a live chat or book a consultation now.

Please note: If you do not cancel the subscription prior to the end of the trial, monthly subscription will be charged automatically each month. Card details taken when you subscribed will be charged upon usage of Xflow AI Services and payment invoice will be issued accordingly. Once subscribed you will receive an email with a link for signing-up to Xflow.

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