Dental furnaces

Firing, staining, glazing, pressing and sintering are critical processes that must be controlled to ensure strong and aesthetic restorations. DEKEMA furnaces are the “Rolls Royce” with exceptional build quality, advanced temperature sensing and thermodynamic algorithms to ensure accurate control of the heating cycle and produce outstanding restorations.

Dental furnaces

Dekema offers a wide range of furnaces for processing zirconium in dental applications. From crown firing to sintering, glazing & crystallization of all common bridge sizes or up to 40 units in one level, everything is possible with these furnaces.

The Dekema pressing, firing & glazing furnaces reach a firing temperature of up to 1200 degrees celsius. The sintering, glazing & crystallizing furnaces reach a firing temperature of up to 1560 degrees celsius. With Dekema we offer the most advanced and fastest furnace on the market where even chairside crown firing is possible. These are the furnaces that we offer:

Austromat series

  • 624i
  • 654i
  • 664i
  • 674i

Trix series

  • trix CAD/CAM
  • trix print
  • trix press
"Being Part of the Dental Axess network has helped us to keep ahead of the game and enabled us to provide our clients with on point digital solutions that work."

- Ian Mercer, Western Crown & Bridge, New Zealand