Lab scanners

Digitalization in dental labs is key when it comes to time and efficiency. Lab scanners are often the first step into the digital journey. Lab scanners help dental labs to work faster and therefore to increase productivity and profitability. On the basis of a dental model or an impression labs can produce their own high-quality 3D digital models. Features like scan speed, accuracy, capacity, automated processes can differ from scanner to scanner and thus making it hard to decide on the right lab scanner. Dental Axess offers a variety of lab scanners depending on individual needs. We make sure to find the right solution for you!

Generation Red 3Shape E Lab Scanners

The 3Shape E1, E2 and E3 lab scanners are now 20% faster! These lab scanners have been upgraded to the same generation scanning platform as E4.

Recognizable for their bold red ring, Generation Red E scanners offer optimized productivity for no additional cost.

Medit T-Series Lab scanners

The new and improved Medit T-Series lab scanners are here. The revised design is elegant and sophisticated. The Medit T-Series will increase your productivity through its features such as high speed, accuracy and reliability. The high resolution cameras enable detailed scan data. In addition the lab scanners offer an automatic height adjustment that automatically sets the correct scan position. Files can be imported and exported in an STL format, so you can work with virtually any software. The new powerful scanning technology of the T-Series as well as the price-performance ratio make the new Medit lab scanners an optimal solution for beginners but also for performance enthusiasts.

Available models:

  • Medit T510
  • Medit T710
  • Medit T310


The 3Shape D2000 scanner is a high quality all-in-one scanner capturing working models, dies and the opposing jaw in one process. This lab scanner comes with a multi-line technology enabling it to use various scan lines in one shot to fundamentally improve cavity and impression capture. The D2000 is especially suited for dental labs that target an automated workflow.

It is equipped with a 4 x 5 MP camera and scans with an accuracy of 5 μm (ISO 12836). Furthermore it provides 16 seconds full arch scan speed and 65 seconds full arch impression scan speed, color texture and a die-in & all-in-one model scanning strategy.