Medit T-Series Lab scanners

CAD/CAM dental work requires the highest accuracy to produce well-designed bridges, implants, and bars. The state-of-the-art scanning technology of the T-Series ensures high quality scans with high accuracy. But how do the new T-Scanners differ from the older models? The product line has now 5 megapixel cameras, therefore results are even more authentic and lifelike. They are designed to make work more comfortable. The new models have a wider scanning range, so you can now scan more objects. In addition, larger articulators can also be scanned easily in an upright position.

Why the Medit T Series?


High quality hardware and optimised software – with the T710 you can scan a full dental arch in only 8 seconds!

High accuracy

The scanners now offer a 4 micron accuracy: ISO 12836 instead of 7 micron as before. This means that even the smaller and more complicated details of the models can be captured.

High resolution cameras

The 5.0 MP cameras enable high resolution and detailed scan data. With the four-camera system, the T710 covers a wide scan area and eliminates all blind spots.


This function automatically sets the correct scan position.

Open system

Files can be imported and exported in an STL format, so you can work with virtually any software.

Different models and specifications

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