Milling Machines

Whether you are after a solution for dry milling of zirconia materials or wet milling of high-esthetic glass ceramics and composites, a milling machine will help you produce stunning restorations as part of a digital workflow.
Produce everything from single unit restorations to full arch implants or tooth borne digital dentures with high accuracy and quality. Today’s technology allows you to streamline your processes but also expand your business and offer new products and services to your clients. Unsure which mill to choose? We will help you make the right decision.


imes-icore is renowned for producing large industrial mills down to smaller dental mills while offering highly precise manufacturing solutions. With the imes-icore milling machines your efficiency increases since it offers a 24 hour production. Dental Axess offers the following series of imes-icore milling machines:

  • CORiTEC 350i, CORiTEC 350i Pro, CORiTEC 350 Pro+
  • CORiTEC 650i

Wet and dry processing is possible with all of these models.

DGSHAPE (Roland) DWX Milling Machines

DGSHAPE’s DWX milling machines are a secure solution for the manufacturing of complex crowns and bridges, dental models, abutments or other restorations. DWX milling machines are known for steady, accurate, error-free and cost effective milling. It is easy to install them and the wide range of automated functions facilitates to operate them. Dental Axess offers different models of the DWX milling machine:

  • DWX-42W
  • DWX-52D
  • DWX-52DCi
  • DWX-53DC

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"3D has inundated our business at a much higher speed than I expected. To help us grow, Dental Axess has been phenomenal in showing us new initiatives, different printers, milling machines and systems at competitive prices."

- Charlie Sara, Macono Orthodontic Laboratories, Australia