CAD software

Sophisticated CAD/CAM softwares are crucial to establish a partial or fully digital workflow. By digitally designing and planning a case you achieve the best possible accuracy and treatment outcome, while open STL files allow you full flexibility to work with the partners of your choice.

With dedicated modules for all indications including implant dentistry, orthodontics and laboratory you can customize your workflows and use sophisticated patient communication apps to increase patient treatment acceptance and grow your business.

SoftSmile Vision

VISION by SoftSmile combines advanced functionality and aesthetics. VISION’s unmatched performance is based on advanced mathematics and geometric principles presented in state-of-the-art visualization. It delivers a new approach to teeth restoration, gingiva movement and automated segmentation, which improves accuracy during treatment planning. With VISION, you will have full control and flexibility over your workflows with capabilities including but not limited to:

  • Self-learning and automated segmentation;
  • Intuitive and comprehensive staging;
  • Automated treatment planner;
  • Web viewer, editor, and distributed management system facilitating cooperation among doctors, technicians, manufacturers, and patients;
  • Advanced cloud infrastructure;
  • A large variety of tools that can satisfy the unique preferences of the user and facilitate treatment of any complexity.

VISION does not require a huge amount of time and resources into onboarding and no additional equipment is necessary. Any doctor who has ever worked with any of the main clear aligner solutions on the market will be able to quickly learn to use VISION. It’s also easy to get started!

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Arcad Smile Studio

Arcad Smile Studio is a computer-guided system that integrates the digital and physical impression of the patient for a treatment plan designed for fast and effective removable Clear Aligners or Fixed Indirect Bonding devices. It allows you to predict dental movement and achieve better results in the shortest possible time.

A flexible solution that allows you to define work processes in steps and streamline the production process to meet customer demand.

With ARCAD you will obtain results that clearly exceed quality, speed, and aesthetics of over other systems that use manual processes.

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3Shape Dental Desktop

The 3Shape Dental Desktop is a platform that brings together all different 3Shape software products. Depending on your needs and field of expertise you can then add plug-ins using the same user interface:

  • TRIOS Implant Studio
  • TRIOS Design Studio
  • Ortho System
  • Dental System (for labs)

3Shape also has a large range of apps that will help you in your daily work and add value for you and your patients. These apps are developed with the patient in mind and provide great communication tools during the consultation. Find out how to monitor your cases over time and increase patient acceptance by booking a consultation with one of our digital consultants!

Exocad CAD/CAM Software

Exocad offers a solid, reliable, and easy to use CAD/CAM software solution for a rapidly evolving market. With a focus on faster workflows, improved proficiency and flexibility, it is easy to use and offers an open and modular approach with large range of options available even in the core version:

  • Exocad DentalCAD> for dental laboratories
  • Exocad ChairsideCAD> for clinics
  • Exoplan> for implant placement
  • Exocad Ortho> for orthodontists
  • Exocam> for manufacturing
  • Exoscan> for scanner integration
  • Dentalshare> for datatransfer

It’s easy to upgrade your software to open up for more advanced indications such as advanced bar design, model creator and partial CAD for designing removable partial denture framework.
To excite your patients there is also a smile design option which helps you combine patient photos, outlines and 3D situations leading to more predictable results.

"Dental Axess has helped me develop and grow my business overtime with their digital know-how and customized solutions. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dental Axess as the digital world of dentistry continues to expand."

- Dr Justin Ward, Arthur Street Dental, Australia