3D printers

3D Printing technology has revolutionized the dental industry by providing dental professionals with the means to custom print large variety of indications in new and biocompatible materials. Thanks to high print accuracy and efficient inhouse workflows you can offer patients same day treatments and improved fit rates. The right 3D printer will help you grow your business by introducing more efficient workflows for implants, orthodontic appliances, crown and bridge models and temporary restorations.

SprintRay 3D printers

SprintRay 3D printers are excellent products for labs and clinics of all sizes, delivering high-resolution results at an affordable price. Customised dental products such as surgical guides, retainers and aligners can now be produced in-house and within hours using desktop stereolithography. They are available as wireless and feature an easy-to-use touchscreen display.

All SprintRay 3D printers use the same resin cartridges, build platforms and can be combined with Form Wash and Form Cure, for the perfect finish.

The following SprintRay models are available through Dental Axess:

  • SprintRay Pro S
  • SprintRay Pro Cure2
  • SprintRay Pro Wash2

Available accessories and consumables:

  • Build Platform
  • Resin Tanks
  • Crown Kit Tank
  • Resins


The Asiga 3D printer is the latest addition to our printer portfolio. It uses DLP Technology and thanks to its fixed pixel image the printer offers both long term stability and fast print speeds achieved by the complete layer being projected in one exposure. They also come with an UV LED option.

The following Asiga models are available through Dental Axess:

  • Asiga MAX 2
  • Asiga Ultra 32 & 50
  • Asiga MAX UV
  • Asiga PRO 4K

What’s included?

  • Composer
  • Compact post-curing device
  • Calibration Toolkit
  • Material Pack of 1L material bottle and 1L build tray

Prodways 3D printers

Prodways 3D printers offer customers a next-level printing experience when it comes to scaling up digital manufacturing in the dental industry, especially in the clear-aligner sector. The Prodways ProMaker LD Dental series expands our portfolio with high resolution liquid resin 3D printers and maximum productivity.

The ProMaker LD series comes in four different versions:

  • ProMaker LD 20 Dental Plus
  • ProMaker LD20 Dental Models
  • ProMaker LD10 Dental Plus
  • ProMaker LD10 Dental Models
"3D has inundated our business at a much higher speed than I expected. To help us grow, Dental Axess has been phenomenal in showing us new initiatives, different printers, milling machines and systems at competitive prices."

- Charlie Sara, Macono Orthodontic Laboratories, Australia