Intraoral Scanners

It all starts with a digital impression. For dental professionals intraoral scanners simplify and speed up the workflow, provide more accurate data and open up a world of opportunities for designing and manufacturing dental appliances inhouse.

For patients intraoral scanners offer a quick and comfortable scanning experience, reduced chair-time and overall better treatment results. Together with easy-to-use patient apps you can even simulate the treatment and visualize the results for increased patient acceptance and improved overall experience.

3Shape TRIOS 5 Intraoral Scanner

The new 3Shape TRIOS 5 offers some great highlights and sets new standards in terms of patient protection and infection control. The intraoral scanner is about 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the TRIOS 4, making it fit perfectly in your hand. The autoclavable scan tips are now completely closed and an ultra-thin, nearly invisible sleeve minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Sensory feedback guides you as you scan, enabling a smooth scanning experience, even for inexperienced users. The new scanner is re-calibrated automatically.

The new 3Shape TRIOS 5 Intraoral Scanner can now be ordered at Denal Axess. Contact us for more information and pricing.

3Shape TRIOS 4 Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS 4 offers some great features! It is the first scanner in the world to help diagnose caries. Thanks to the integrated instant heating technology, the TRIOS 4 is ready to scan in seconds which in turn leads to a 30% higher battery life. In addition, the 3Shape TRIOS 4 offers the same features that all TRIOS scanners are famous for – namely accuracy, speed, STL output and realistic colors.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Intraoral Scanner

Take advantage of the award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner to enhance patient experience, reduce chair-time, and unlock new treatment opportunities. Unlike many other solutions, TRIOS gives you continuous software updates and optional dental treatment modules to ensure that your practice stays ahead as your business grows stronger. The 3Shape TRIOS 3 comes with a high scan accuracy, STL output, brings realistic colors and shade measurements and is fast and easy to use.

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 has introduced wireless intraoral scanning. Same speed, accuracy, and technology but wireless.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Wired (2024) Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wired 2024 intraoral scanner is the reliable choice for dental professionals seeking proven technology to enhance patient experiences. Trusted by tens of thousands of dentists, this award-winning, AI-powered tool makes it effortless to create precise 3D scans in realistic colors, ensuring seamless communication with your chosen laboratory. With free patient communication apps, you can engage patients more effectively, giving your recommendations greater impact and increasing treatment acceptance. The updated TRIOS 3 Pod is 30% lighter and 10% smaller, optimizing your workspace with fewer cables and and simplifying your workflow. Ideal for restorations, orthodontics, implantology, and dental assessments, the TRIOS 3 is designed to meet a wide range of clinical needs. Choose the 3Shape TRIOS 3 for reliable, precise impressions and an enhanced workflow.

3Shape TRIOS Core Wired Intraoral Scanner

Introducing the 3Shape TRIOS Core Intraoral Scanner: a streamlined, affordable version of the award-winning TRIOS technology. This advanced scanner, powered by AI, offers outstanding accuracy and speed, making it simple to create detailed digital impressions with ease.

Switching from traditional impression methods to the TRIOS Core is a game-changer. It enhances efficiency for dental professionals and provides a more comfortable and quicker experience for patients. The TRIOS Core captures precise digital impressions, detailing even the most difficult-to-reach areas in realistic colors. Designed with lab integration in mind, it allows for easy and direct sharing with just one click. With the 3Shape TRIOS Core, there’s no need for complicated file transfers or email attachments. This reliable scanner ensures that accurate, high-quality digital impressions are always at your fingertips, making it an essential tool for any modern dental practice.

Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner

The new Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both the dentist and patient. With both powerful hardware and intelligent software, the full-feature Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic’s full potential. Unlike most scanners in the market, Medit i700 can be directly connected to the PC using power delivery cable without power hub and extra cables. This new feature of Medit i700 improves the mobility and maintenance. In addition, the scanner can now take up to 70 images per second and is thus significantly faster than the predecessor model.

Medit i900 Intraoral Scanner

The Medit i900 intraoral scanner is designed to revolutionize your scanning experience. With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features like TouchBand™ and Intelligent Sensor, it offers smoother scans and enhanced accuracy. Its compact design, advanced optical engine, and intuitive controls ensure precision and ease of use for users at all levels.

From unparalleled performance and precision to usability and care, the i900 is the complete package. It’s not just a scanner; it’s a solution tailored to meet your needs and elevate patient care. Explore the innovative features that make the Medit i900 the ultimate choice for high-quality intraoral scanning. We’re ALL IN for your success!

Intraoral Scanner Cart

The Intraoral Scanner Cart is the ideal mobile solution for your intraoral scanner, laptop or PC. With this space-saving and stylish solution, you can now transport your scanner from room to room with complete flexibility. The Cart is made of high-quality material and can easily be disinfected. Dental Axess offers various possibilities:

– Xcart Stand-Alone (No PC, Monitor and Battery included)
– Xcart ECO (Cart with Ultra PC but without monitor and battery)
– Xcart PRO (Ultra PC, Touch Monitor)
– Xcart FLEX (Ultra PC, Touch Monitor, Battery)
– IOScart
– IOScart Touch

For further information click here.

Medit i700 wireless Intraoral Scanner

Medit recently introduced their Medit i700 wireless intraoral scanner to the world of digital dentistry and we are proud to add it to our portfolio. The new Medit i700 enables you to work faster and move freely without any wires. With up to 70 frames per second, reversible scanning tip, and an unmatched battery life, the new wireless Medit i700 makes your days in the clinic efficient and simple.

Take your clinic to the next level with the Medit i700 wireless.

Medit i600 Intraoral Scanner

The new Medit i600 opens the door to new possibilities in the world of digital dentistry as an entry level intraoral scanner at an unbeatable price. Based on the already highly successful and reliable i500 model, the i600 offers an important upgrade on all levels. Improved speed, high accuracy, and vivid scan data allows for an effortless scanning experience with a splash of colour. Directly connect your scanner to the PC by using a single cable, and with the click of a button, the i600 allows you to take immediate control of your scanning with the 180° reversible scan tip for a more comfortable experience.

Whether you want to introduce a digital workflow or add an additional scanner to your clinic. The i600 is the perfect partner for you.


A new innovation is available at Dental Axess – the 3Shape TRIOS MOVE+. Actively involve your patients with this communication tool! The new technology comes with a 15.6″ HD touchscreen including a USB port. Sharing scans, images and treatment plans with your patients has never been this easy and is proven to increase treatment acceptance with your patients. The TRIOS MOVE+ also has a high-performance PC that integrates with all 3Shape TRIOS scanners (Wireless, Basic, Trios 3 or Trios 4).

"Implementing 3Shape's TRIOS scanner into our practice has allowed us to work more efficiently. The scanning process is very quick which ensures our patients are comfortable. Along with their professional training and expertise and digital know-how, the customer support at Dental Axess is next to none. "

- Medland Orthodontics, Australia