3Shape Trios 3 Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 offers so much more than just a digital impression. This third generation intraoral scanner is equipped with award-winning wireless scanning technology and works with an open system to allow full flexibility.

Product Highlights

Largest selection of dental indications

With the TRIOS 3 you can use the entire spectrum of dental indications – from implant-supported bridges to removable partial dentures. Offer your patients a wider range of treatment options and improve your return on investment. Special scanning processes for all indications ensure optimal accuracy, user-friendliness and excellent clinical results.

Automatic color determination and bite registration

Create high quality digital prints in true-to-life colors. Measure the tooth shade as you scan to get more accurate and predictable results. With the TRIOS you can easily record the different shades and save all color values together with the digital impression. You no longer have to laboriously determine the color each time using a color key. In addition, the bite is automatically registered when scanning, so that the manual step of bite alignment is eliminated.

HD photos

Improve important details and set the preparation margin precisely. Using HD photos, dentists can display details much better. The integrated intraoral camera makes it possible to record live videos and images, so that you can show your patient the exact treatment and therefore increase treatment acceptance.

3Shape TRIOS 3 revolutionizes the intraoral scanning experience!

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 has introduced wireless intraoral scanning. Same speed, accuracy, and technology but wireless.

– Wireless
– Easy battery change
– Long life rechargeable batteries for scanning non-stop

With TRIOS 3 scanning, hundreds or thousands of 3D images are combined to create the final digital 3D impression based on real data.

Spray-free for optimal accuracy and comfort

In contrast to other scanners, the 3Shape TRIOS® is a no-spray solution. Spraying can affect the scanning accuracy, is uncomfortable for the patient and extends the treatment time.

Designed for high-speed impression taking

3Shape’s ultra-fast optical Sectioning ™ technology captures more than 3000 2D images per second – 100 times faster than conventional video cameras.

Autoclavable scanner tips

Optimal hygiene and meeting clinical requirements with scan tips that can be sterilized in an autoclave. Easily reversible tip for scanning the upper and lower jaw.

Scanning has never been so easy

You do not have to hold the scanner at a certain distance or angle to focus it. Dentists or assistants can even place the scanner on their teeth to simplify the scanning process.

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3Shape TRIOS 3