3Shape TRIOS 5 Intraoral Scanner

The new 3Shape TRIOS 5 offers some great highlights and sets new standards in terms of patient protection and infection control. The intraoral scanner is about 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the TRIOS 4, making it fit perfectly in your hand. The autoclavable scan tips are now completely closed and an ultra-thin, nearly invisible sleeve minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Sensory feedback guides you as you scan, enabling a smooth scanning experience, even for inexperienced users. The new scanner is re-calibrated automatically.

Product Highlights

Higher ergonomics

The new 3Shape TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner comes in a 30% smaller and a 20% lighter design. Thus making it the smallest and lightest scanner so far. Balanced perfectly in order to bring a comfortable and great scanning experience for everyone. TRIOS Share allows you to take your scanner from one room to the other and scan from any PC.

Easy to use

The ScanAssist function makes your TRIOS 5 as easy as it gets, delivering precise scans in an effortless and very efficient way. Sensory feedback will guide you while scanning making it a seamless experience for everyone.

Hygiene by design

The re-designed autoclavable scan tips are now completely closed. Covered by an ultra-thin sleeve it reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Better Battery Life

Thanks to the improved battery technology and sleep mode that automatically turns on as soon as the scanner is not in the scan page for a few minutes, the battery can last the full day. With only one hour of charging you can get back 80% of the battery power. In less than 2 hours charging the scanner runs at 100% battery power again.

Calibration free

The new TRIOS 5 doesn’t have to be calibrated anymore, so users don’t have to spend time calibrating the scanner to achieve the best scan quality. A truly effortless scan experience.

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3Shape TRIOS 5

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