One of the biggest challenges dentists face in generating patient acceptance is the difficulty to show patients what’s going on. With the 3Shape TRIOS Move+ dental professionals can now move the screen to show images, scans and expected treatment outcomes where the patient sits.

The TRIOS Move+ has easy mobility, a full HD touch screen, adjustable height, an ergonomic & lightweight design, a powerful 1TB computer, a holder for scanners and is compatible with all TRIOS. In addition, the TRIOS Move+ is an excellent vehicle for Patient Excitement Apps.

Patient Excitement Apps

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

The TRIOS Patient Monitoring uses easy to understand visuals to improve case acceptance. This tool for diagnostic aid detects changes in dental conditions earlier by continuously comparing patient scans. This dental monitoring tool allows dental professionals to make better treatment decisions by accurately tracking treatment progression and by visually documenting oral development.

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

The TRIOS Treatment Simulator is a treatment simulation software that simulates realistic orthodontic corrections on-screen in seconds, side by side with their current dentition. This can be used to help facilitate patient engagement to stimulate treatment acceptance. You can also adjust individual teeth to create the perfect smile.

TRIOS Smile Design

With the TRIOS Smile Design you can take a photo of your patient’s face and design their beautiful new smile within minutes. Share photo-realistic results with your patients to align their expectations and increase treatment acceptance.

Product Highlights

Ergonomic Solution

The TRIOS Move+ has an ergonomic design that enables you to always position the screen to ensure optimal comfort for you and your patient. In addition, it includes a new integrated rear USB 2.0 port to generate easy import/export of data for treatment planning.

Enhanced Mobility

The MOVE enhances mobility by making it possible to use the screen while standing, around the patient’s chair, when entering patient information and also when parked and not in use. This facility of use provides a great user experience that fits into any situation.

Patient Excitement

The TRIOS Move+ can easily show patient excitement apps to bring digital impressions ​and treatments to life. Unlike other solutions, the TRIOS Move+ provides continuous software updates as well as optional treatment modules to ensure that your practice stays ahead while your business grows stronger.