IOS Cart - the new intraoral scanner cart

The IOS cart is the newest model when it comes to intraoral scanner carts. It is ideal for an intraoral scanner used with a laptop. The simple, adjustable design and laptop desk are its main features. This cart was developed for more specific needs.

IOS Cart Features

Compartment for cables and accessories

The IOS cart offers a small compartment for storing cables and accessories, so you will have a very clean working station with no cables interrupting you.

Variable height for more comfort

The laptop desk does have an adjustable height which ultimately leads to more comfort for you. You have the choice if you want to use it in standing position or while sitting down.

Front lockable castors

With four 360° rotating castors the cart can easily be moved from room to room and you are very flexible. The two front castors also have a lock function through wich the cart can be fixed as well if needed.

Laptop desk “Kerrock”

Kerrock is the creator of aesthetics and functionality. It is popular for its easy cleaning (antibacterial properties) and maintenance as well as for its resistance.

In-built handle

There is an in-built handle in the desk so it makes it even easier to move it.

Compartment for WIFI and battery

You can store the battery charger and WIFI receiver of any wireless intraoral scanner in this compartment.

Mount for intraoral scanner

Holder for intraoral scanner can be mounted to the cart.

IOS Cart Touch

The IOS Cart Touch offers the ideal solution if you are looking for a cart that can be used for intraoral scanner with laptop and touch monitor.

IOS Cart Touch Features

Displacable monitor mount

Thanks to its adjustable monitor mount and arm it allows you to tilt the monitor and adjust the height which makes it a very comfortable work experience.

Laptop compartment

With its in-build laptop compartment the IOS Cart Touch offers a very compact solution. If the laptop is not in use, it can be safely stored in the slidable compartment of the cart.

Front lockable castors

Four 360° rotating castors of which the two front castors have a lock function, so the cart can be fixed if needed.

Compartment for battery charger

There is an in-built compartment for the battery charger of any wireless intraoral scanner.

Compartment for cables and accessories

All cables and accessories can be stowed away in a seperate compartment, so that none is visible.

Adjustable mount for intraoral scanner

Holder for intraoral scanner can be mounted and adjusted to the cart.

Compartment for WIFI receiver

The IOS Cart Touch offers a seperate compartment for storing the WIFI receiver in case you are using a wireless intraoral scanner.


Make your scanning setup look professional and your every-day work easier with a cart that is specially designed for your intraoral scanner. Xcart can be used with any intraoral scanner that uses a PC or laptop (Medit i500, 3Shape TRIOS etc.)

Options available

Xcart Stand-Alone

No PC, monitor or battery included

Xcart ECO

Cart with Ultra PC but without monitor and battery

Xcart PRO

Cart with Ultra PC and touch screen monitor

Xcart FLEX

Cart with Ultra PC, touch screen monitor and battery

Product Specifications

Base Size:

83 x 55 x 40 cm

Work Surface Size:

55 x 40 cm

PC Cabinet Size:

48 x 28 cm

Cart weight:

25 kg (excluding PC, monitor and UPS)

Display Support:

VESA mount – up to 32”


1 year


There is sufficient space to fit both PC and UPS in the cart. An optional shelf is included for laptop users.

Camera Position

The camera is positioned in a way that makes it easily accessible from your workspace, yet safely hidden, meaning you can’t bump into it by mistake.

Full Aluminium Body

The Xcart body is constructed from 6mm thick aluminum; making it strong and reliable.

Modern Design

Xcart is an aesthetic and practical solution for your intraoral scanner setup. It is designed to ensure that only power and intraoral camera cables are visible, hiding all other cables. Its clean lines combined with quality materials make this cart stand out in a positive way in your dental office.

Open System

To grant you more flexibility Xcart can be used with a desktop or laptop computer without the need to buy any additional add-ons. This gives you more options in deciding which computer would be most suitable for your needs, and makes it easier to upgrade your computer later on.