Treatment Planning Design Services

Treatment planning and designing is a time-consuming task. With our Partners providing you with best-in-class design services, you can now outsource this step to specialists at a very competitive rate and benefit from a cost-efficient and seamless workflow.

The design services from Dental Axess, gives you full flexibility and allows you to outsource time-consuming design steps whilst keeping control over costs and treatment quality at all times. As for manufacturing, you can choose to do this in-house or outsource to third-party manufacturers as required.

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SoftSmile Treatment Planning Services

SoftSmile is a technology company focused on delivering best in class software to the dental and orthodontic industry to transform aligner workflow and diversify the market.

Using SoftSmile’s treatment planning software, VISION, an innovative solution backed by proprietary algorithms, delivers unparalleled speed and precision, making it the most advanced digital treatment planner available. It gives SoftSmile orthodontists the ability to design treatment plans in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional aligner companies.

With its all-inclusive, Xflow integrated workflow, VISION helps their specialized aligners producers and orthodontists to increase patient acceptance rates and improve patient outcomes at a competitive price, with increased speed, precision and quality.

Simply upload the .STL file into the Xflow online portal and send your cases to get a treatment plan designed by a specialist.

Arcad Treatment Planning & Manufacturing Services

Arcad will plan the initial gradual movements of the teeth to create an aligned and healthy smile. The treatment plan is designed by a specialist and you can make further adjustments in our web-based planning tool if required. Arcad generates a treatment plan design as recommended by the orthodontist and with it the ability for the orthodontist to make small modifications to the digital setup, all via Xflow. Thus, keeping you in control of the outcome.

Arcad’s services come with aligner manufacturing options. Arcad can ship the 3D printed models to fabricate in office or you can have this step outsourced to Arcadlab to manufacture for you.

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Designs Powered by Xflow AI

Xflow enables automated designs for your lab whether it be models for 3D printing to trim paths for your Laser Aligner Cutter. We enable you to reduce personnel cost and increase efficiencies through AI powered designs:

Aligner Designs

  • Automatic trim path generation – $0.75 USD/per arch

Retainer & Digital Model Designs

  • Automatic bracket removals – $3 USD/per arch
  • Automatic model basing – $1.50 USD/per arch
  • Automatic trim path generation – $1.50 USD/per arch

Please note: these services are an add-on to your subscriptions. If you are a lab plan user, you have $100 USD/month to use on any of these services, please speak to us if you have any questions.

Need help with the AI? Visit our Xflow AI Support page

Coming soon!

We are currently training our AI services constantly to improve your workflows. Splints, automatic blockouts and bleaching trays are coming! If you’re interested in being part of the beta, please contact us now otherwise, watch this space as some exciting things will come soon!

"Being Part of the Dental Axess network has helped us to keep ahead of the game and enabled us to provide our clients with on point digital solutions that work."

- Ian Mercer, Western Crown & Bridge, New Zealand