X-ray units

X-rays are still one of the most important instruments when it comes to dental diagnostics. Dental Axess offers various digital 2D and 3D X-ray devices for your dental practice. One of the advantages of digital X-rays compared to analogue X-rays is the significantly reduced radiation dose. You also benefit from greater flexibility, as the images are available immediately and can also be viewed directly in the desired treatment room.

With 3D X-rays or CBCT-scans an accurate high resolution image of teeth and jaw can be created. CBCT scanning allows dentists to three dimensionally map the tooth and surrounding bone which enables a much better diagnosis and hence more precision in treatment. 3D x-rays can directly be shown to patients which leads to a higher treatment acceptance and in the long run to a more satisfied customer. A CBCT scanner makes x-rays possible in about 10 seconds and therefore leaves more time for other relevant issues.

Dürr Dental VistaIntra DC

The Dürr Dental VistaIntra DC is a first-class X-ray unit for intraoral images in perfect image quality. The advanced DC technology of this X-ray unit reduces patient dose by more than 25% when compared to conventional AC generators. This in turn increases the safety of both your patients and your staff. The handle on the generator head makes the VistaIntra DC an easy-to-use X-ray unit that can be positioned comfortably and precisely. The selection of the tooth region is also extremely simple.

Dürr Dental VistaPano S

The Dürr Dental VistaPano S is a 2D panorama X-ray unit which convinces with its simple handling and integrated workflow including a 7″ touch display. This X-ray unit delivers outstanding results when it comes to resolution of extraoral images. The VistaPano S has two ground-breaking technologies that contribute to an excellent image quality. On one hand, there is the CsI sensor technology, which, thanks to improved image quality can also result in significantly better diagnostics. On the other hand, there is the S-Pan technology, which uses the patient image to show a panoramic view at every spatial position of the tooth and jaw situation. The VistaPano S X-ray unit is also available as VistaPano S CEPH, with which rapid cephalometric X-rays can be taken with exceptional image quality and minimised radiation dose.

Dürr Dental VistaVox S

VistaVox S from Dürr Dental enables 2D and 3D X-ray imaging in high quality. This X-ray unit differs by its 3D imaging volume of 130mm x 85mm, which maps the diagnostically important areas and is thus visibly larger than the usual volume of Ø 80 x 80 mm. It also adapts to the individual jaw shape. Thanks to this unique technology, the VistaVox S can also completely cover the area of the rear molars. Furthermore, this model offers ten additional volumes with Ø 50 x 50 mm. These can cover a certain area of the jaw either upper or lower. The volumes can be used with a resolution of 80 or 120 μm, depending on how detailed the images should be. The VistaVox S offers you and your team great flexibility, as you can take OPGs in addition to CBCT images. This X-ray unit is also available as VistaVox S CEPH.

Dürr Dental VistaScan Mini View

The Dürr Dental VistaScan Mini View is an image plate scanner that makes the digitisation of image plates extremely simple and time-saving. The high-resolution touch display, the integrated WLAN function and the compatibility with all intraoral imaging plate formats make the VistaScan Mini View a reliable and efficient partner in your practice. This image plate scanner delivers the highest image quality and can perfectly image D1 caries lesions and endo instruments up to ISO 06.

CBCT-Scanner 3Shape X1

NEW in our assortment is the CBCT-Scanner 3Shape X1. The X1 enables a new scanning experience without head fixation, maximum image quality with minimum dose scanning, and simpler and more efficient workflows. A new patented head tracking technology compensates for patient movement, enabling precise and stable CBCT, panoramic, face scan, and cephalometric images. The 3Shape X1 creates all images in a standard DICOM format, allowing an open export to any software. Take advantage of 3Shape X1’s integrated digital workflow within all 3Shape CAD/CAM dental solutions.

Dr Seidenstricker from Adent Cliniques Dentaires was the first customer in the world getting a CBCT-scanner 3Shape X1 installed and we are very proud to have supported him throughout the process. Watch this video to see how the X1 has changed his working life.

"Dental Axess has a very good understanding of the digital market trends, products and solutions. We have been able to access this knowledge to help us expand and grow. We are now providing products and services that we had not even dreamed of at the start of our digital journey."

- Ian Mercer, Western Crown & Bridge, New Zealand