Dürr Dental VistaIntra DC

The Dürr Dental VistaIntra DC X-ray unit stands for precise and high-quality image results. It is highly ergonomic, has a simple handling and an ideal coordination with the imaging plate technology from Dürr Dental. This intraoral X-ray unit is highly reliable and the long service life of the X-ray tube is guaranteed.

Product Highlights

Fast intra-oral images with high quality results

Ready for immediate use! The VistraIntra DC is already pre-programmed when it leaves the factory so radiation dose for each tooth region required for Dürr Dental imaging plates and sensors is adjusted.

Right-angle/parallel technology

This technique enables precise alignment and together with the Dürr Dental color set, optimum results can be achieved.

Minimised radiation dose thanks to DC technology

DC technology ensures constant radiation and thus high reliability. Thanks to this technology, the patient dose can also be reduced by more than 25% compared to conventional AC generators.

Simple handling in a modern and sleek design

A handle on the X-ray head allows easy and accurate positioning. The X-ray parameters can be finely adjusted and it is possible to switch quickly between two different radiation settings.

Technical data

Input power

AC 100–240 V 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption (W)


Tube voltage (kVp)


Tube current (mA)


Tube length (mm)

200 (300 optional)

Radiation field colimation (mm)

Ø 60 / 30×40 (20×30 optional)

Exposure time (sec.)

0.04 – 2

Focal spot (mm)

0.4 (IEC 336)

Total filtration (mm)

Min. 2.0 Al

Weight (kg)

24.4 / 26.4 / 28.4

Height (mm)


max. working length (mm)

1810 / 1960 / 2260