LAC - Laser Aligner Cutter

Aesthetic dentistry and clear aligner services are booming, creating a need for increasingly efficient production solutions for dental laboratories and dental practices. Our solution at Dental Axess is the state-of-the-art, fully automatic LAC.

With the LAC (Laser Aligner Cutter), for the first time it is possible to produce clear aligners that do not require any additional post-processing after cutting, saving time and resources. Capable of such precise and quality cuts, the need for polishing and edge refinement is eliminated.

Laser Aligner Cutter Features

Fully automatic cutting with 20W,
CO2, Class 1 laser
Laser cut out in one minute
per aligner
Excellent post-cutting edge quality
with no need for polishing

Engraving function for numbering
and labelling
Works with any type of model,
resin or stone
Compatible with all major
thermoforming systems

LAC - Laser Aligner Cutter