Crown and bridge restorations

Both dentists and labs benefit from digital workflows when it comes to designing and manufacturing temporary and high-end final restorations. More efficient workflows offer savings both in time and money. Results are also more accurate and esthetic thanks to the digital recording of data and shade measurements during the scan.

Digital workflow for crown and bridge restorations

A digital workflow usually starts with a digital impression by the dentist using an intraoral scanner. The scan is imported into a design software where the restoration is planned and designed. Thereafter the restorations are manufactured using a milling machine or a 3D printer. This would be a fully digital workflow, but even when the dentists takes an impression using traditional methods the lab can design and manufacture restorations digitally by scanning the model with a lab scanner.

Benefits for both dentists and labs


Whether you are working with a lab or use an in-house milling solution, there are many benefits with a digital workflow for dentists producing crowns and bridges.

  • Customize designs and predict clinical results more accurately
  • Speed up manufacturing time through faster handling and fewer steps
  • Design and manufacture simple cases in-house
  • Engage patients and increase acceptance with communication tools



A digital workflow also brings clear advantages for labs:

  • Enhanced communication between dentists and labs
  • Check quality of scan electronically and start working straight away
  • Eliminates steps in the manufacturing process
  • Efficient handling with less shipping

By going digital, labs can differentiate themselves and even offer new services to dentists such as digital dentures and clear aligners at a highly competitive price.

"Dental Axess has helped me develop and grow my business overtime with their digital know-how and customized solutions. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dental Axess as the digital world of dentistry continues to expand."

- Dr Justin Ward, Arthur Street Dental, Australia