Automated Basing

The below are some guidelines and tips that can help you understand how our AI works with automated basing cases including what works, what might cause issues and how to mitigate this.

Tips for automated basing

  1. The Xflow AI can only start with raw full scans, no partial scans.
  2. Our AI can only accept raw scans that have not been pre-based.
  3. Upper and lower arches are both accepted while bite scans should not be submitted.
  4. This is an example of a scan missing scan material, specifically in the molars. Scans, such as this one, will be based without that entire tooth and the subsequent and corresponding trimpath will not be able to include that entire tooth due to the missing material.

We understand that there are other issues that can go wrong, so our team at Dental Axess is always available to assist you when things go wrong. Please feel free to reach out to us.